Media Log 1: 3 Things That Definitely Influenced You This Year

Everyone has it, it’s big, it’s bold, it’s tucked in your pocket every second of everyday. It’s the internet. The internet is something that is so big you can find out things didn’t even want to know about yourself or maybe things you wanted to forget, like your first twitter page… Anyway, this year we gained tools that basically help us look fabulous with out even getting out of bed, or share what we are doing live with the rest or the world and the ability to do this with simple to use apps.

Me looking Fabulous
Me Looking Fabulous
Here’s One More

The exact date that snapchat began to allow us to send snaps with crazy glasses or wonky faces was September 15, 2015. After this date an influx of hilarious and somewhat scary pictures flew through cyberspace to your phones and became the only way to send photos to everyone, people went insane over spitting rainbows, flower crowns and over the top makeup effects.

People young and old use snapchat and the filters it offers, I personally went crazy over these filters for the same reason everyone did, insecurities. These filters are a mask, didn’t put on make up but still want to send a selfie to your crush? Use the flower crown, not only does it perfect your skin but it also has a face slimming effect. Kind of don’t want to be seen at all? Well periodically snapchat has filters that completely cover up your face like the talking pug or super cute deer with a voice changer, these filters make you into pretty much whatever you are feeling that day without even trying.

Last One
Last One

To put it simply, these filters ‘take the edge off’ figuratively and literally and maybe help you add creativity to your pictures with out spending hours on a selfie that only last 10 seconds. If there is one thing that the popularity of these filters tell us about our generation is that we are obsessed with peoples perception of us and the things we post.







blog-post-picturesI think we all remember the first time we got the notification “Mark Zuckerberg is live, let them know you are watching!” and of course you clicked it didn’t you? and you also hit about 1000 hearts too, right? Well, live video took social media to a whole new level on April 6, 2016 when Facebook CEO took to the stage and launched a live video of him and his team launching the Facebook live feature available to every Facebook user. Yep all 1.66 billion of us can share us eating a salad will all of our friends. This option literally made social media a place where you could experience things live that you may not have been able to experience other wise like a that JB concert you couldn’t get tickets to, but being the kind soul Justin is had his publicist go live. beliebable? Not only did celebrities go nuts over this but so did a lot of regular people, you had gym junkies bring you their workouts, makeup artists give live makeup lessons and even businesses announcing contests or deals they offer. People loved the live video because it was a way connect instanly through video and also allow viewers to ask questions immediately, it also allows a personal contact with your followers that you might not otherwise had, on top of that it gives your followers a more friend like connection with you which is good for you and them. People have an overwhelming need for connection to be sure they are not alone.

Finally we have reached the end with probably the single most influential object of this century, yes thats right we have reached the cellular phone.


The evolution of the cell phone changed the way we live our lives, no longer would we have to search on end for a quarter for the payphone or go without a camera in your pocket. The cell phone has changed our lives and society so much that laws had to be changed to adapt to this piece of technology that would literally change everyones idea of convenience. 1973 was year that was defiently a turning point towards today’s society’s ideals. To give you a glimpse of just how much the cell phone changed our lives i want you to answer the following questions honestly

  • When given the choice after a long day do would you rather go for a walk with a friend or FaceTime with them from the couch?
  • If you have a question for someone in the same house, school or building would you rather send a quick text or call or go for a walk down the hall or up the stairs to speak face to face with them?
  • When you need to cool off after a difficult day, would you rather sit on the couch and unwind with a movie or do something more physical (yoga, jogging, etc..)?

These question couldn’t have even been answered in the 1970’s because luxuries like FaceTime didn’t even exist, which just shows us the generation gap between now and then. Just think about your day today, when you woke up, what woke you up? your phone alarm probably, what about the first thing you did? was it checking emails in the bathroom or scrolling your news feeds while drinking your coffee? didn’t know what to make for supper? Pinterest probably helped. We are a dependant society and really utilize the resources we have but maybe as a society it’s time to step back and look at the sunset IRL not just on our screen.

Could it be time to reevaluate our answers the these questions?



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