5 Lessons I learned in High School That Had Nothing to do With Class

As my school career comes to an end, I can only think how different myself and everyone around me are. The following are the 5 most important lessons I have learned throughout my years in school.

5) The friends you started out with may not be the same as the ones you end with. We all have friends that we have known forever, especially in a small town. These friends are what I like to call situational friends, and these friends may seem like forever friends and the most amazing friends, but they probably aren’t. In fact, they probably aren’t even good friends. These friends will probably stay in touch for a while and then you may not talk for a while, or even ever again, because you will probably learn that you have actually nothing in common with these friends and if your path’s don’t naturally cross in the real world neither of you will make an effort to make them. This is totally okay; this is a really good thing.

4) The things that seem super upsetting now will get better IF YOU MAKE AN EFFORT TO GET OVER IT. tragedies happen, real tragedies and not real tragedies, but I can attest to the fact that in your senior year something will probably happen that is a real tragedy. This tragedy could be a loved one dying, someone you don’t know well dying, this tragedy could be as simple as crashing your car. Whatever the tragedy, it is going to affect you, and you will probably think about it all the time. The tragedy is probably even going to impair the simplest of tasks because it’s all you can think about. The tragedy happened and now you need to grieve, which, if you let the natural grieving period happen, you will get over it. After this, however you need move on, which is hard and it won’t happen on its own; you need to do whatever you need to do to get over it. When tragedies happened to me, every time I was close to crying or to thinking about my tragedy, I would tell myself not cry and to move one, but it still took months and months if actively re-affirming that I was okay and that it was going to be okay. You will be okay too.

3)You may think you have it all together, but that could change overnight. This is a serious one, like very serious. In December of grade ten, I had EVERYTHING figured out. I knew what I would

take in school, where I would go, where I would live, what I would do with my life, when I would have kids, how many kids I would have, what their names would be. But then, suddenly one day, I was laying in bed and thinking…. Do I even want to have kids? Do I even want to be a teacher? I don’t even like Melville. Overnight, I changed my mind, for years I had had the exact same plan, and I was so okay with this plan that when it changed my mind I was so afraid that I literally felt as though I was a different person, and I was a different person. I grew, and you will grow too.

2) Sometimes all you need is to look out for yourself, even if it means losing people. Remember people can be dead weight. Never change who you are because others won’t grow with you. People will always hate what you are doing. They will always be afraid of you changing or growing, and they will try to keep you at the same level as them. This is not okay. You are a worthy human who needs to be treated as you deserve. Dropping dead weight isn’t a loss; it’s a gain. Sometimes it is not about what you lose but what you gain losing it. Everyone matures at different paces and this means you will most likely grow apart from people who you once were synomous with. This is okay too.

1)This is the last thing, and it is probably the most important thing. You may be a totally different person now then you were at the beginning of high school, or the year, month, and week. You might not even be the same as the person you woke up as this morning. At this age, we change every second of every day. Your goal today is probably not the same as it was yesterday. As we mature, we see things differently and we want different things. Last week, you may have only wanted to work and not go to university; this week, you want to go to university and further your learning. You are not the same person you were yesterday and you are most defiantly not the person you will end as. Remember, just because you had egg whites for breakfast doesn’t mean you can’t have cupcakes or lemon cake *koskie* for supper.

Everyone makes mistakes along the way, and everyone beats themselves up for these mistakes, but the mistakes you make today don’t define who you are or will be tomorrow. These lessons changed me and made me see things in a whole new way. These things happen to almost everyone and when they happen to you remember that you are not alone.

Sincerely, Morgan